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I had fun putting together this very varied and highly unusual list of lasagna recipes from all around the world, sorted by country of origin. Almost every country has their own idea about what a lasagna should be; some still call it lasagna some call it something else, and in many cases it becomes a national meal!  This innovative list was made primarily for fun, then again some of these recipes are truly amazing... now you can see lasagna recipes from many places...  It is almost as if every lasagna recipe you will bake will have its own story to tell!


US flag  There cannot be any denying of America's love affair with the Lasagna;
             Here are delicious lasagna recipes 'Made in USA';

Pumpkin Sausage Lasagna
Lobster Lasagna

Mexican Flag  There are lasagna recipes from Mexico... remember that the tomato was
              shown to the western world by the pre-colombian civilizations...

Mexican Lasagna
Crab Lasagna

Greek flag  Here is a dish we could label as the greek lasagna: the pastitsio

Pastitsio - Greek Lasagna

Haitian flag   Haitian cuisine is nothing short of exquisite; find here a nice recipe for a haitian (or Creole) lasagna...

Creole Lasagna

flag of germany  Germans too, know how to live it up, trust me!
              Nothing like a good sauerkraut lasagna for a nice tasty surprise...

German Sauerkraut Lasagna

Croatia Flag  A fancy and expensive seafood lasagna from this coastal country...

Croatian Scampi Lasagna
Croatian Mushroom Feta Lasagna

Russian Flag  Never forget the Russians... they love their lasagna too!

Russian Lasagna

Israeli Flag A lasagna inspired by special ingredients present at Pessah...

The Pessah Lasagna

French flag  Mais oui! A delicious lasagna recipe from France... Pourquoi pas?
              Bon appétit!

Southern France Lasagna
Lasagne à la Ratatouille
Lasagne Saumon et Poireaux

Lebanon Flag  A recipe for a lasagna inspired by Indian food and ingredients...

Indian Lasagna

Lebanon Flag  This lasagna recipe is from Lebanon, an appetizer type of lasagna

 The Lebanese Lasagna

flag of Japan  And yes... incredible but true... there is a japanese lasagna!
              Falls under the seafood category.

The Japanese Lasagna

small thai flag This lasagna site could never be complete without a lasagna recipe
              inspired by... Thailand! Find here a different but interesting
              lasagna recipe...

The Thai Lasagna

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