the best lasagna recipes

Find here the best traditional Italian lasagna recipes!

Delicious regional and traditional italian lasagna recipes for you to try!

Here is a very varied list of a selection of authentic italian lasagna recipes directly from the lasagna's motherland: Italy. We sorted them in 3 main categories: the meat lasagna, the vegetarian lasagna and finally seafood lasagna recipes. Many of these recipes have a strong tradition attached to them thus are quite old; and everyone is significantly different enough from the others in order to appear on that list... We also point out on each recipe which italian region it came from.  We hope you will enjoy trying these lasagnas, at least as much as we did!  Please do not hesitate to come back from time to time as we keep adding more authentic recipes to our site.


a Lasagna di carnevale slice

Italian flag   Genuine and traditional lasagna recipes from Italy, explained and detailed in english! There are 3 sections to choose from: Meat, vegetarian and seafood

Meat Lasagna Recipes:

Lasagna Abruzzesi
Vincigrassi from MarcheLasagne alla ferrarese
Lasagna di carnevale
Lasagna Bolognese
Lasagna Verdi alla Ricotta
Lasagna Funghi e Ricotta Lasagna Veggies and Speck Lasagna Calabrese Lasagne con Polpettine Lasagna per le Feste Lasagne Verdi al Forno

Vegetarian Lasagna Recipes:

Lasagne Vegetariane
Lasagna con Rapini
Lasagne di Zucchine Eggplant Lasagna
Lasagna with Pesto Cream
Lasagne alla Zucca

Seafood Lasagna Recipes:

Lasagna with tuna
Lasagna con Birra e Aglio
Shrimp lasagna
Lasagne di Mare
Lasagne per la Befana

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