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A special lasagna recipe with chicken and curry

A recipe for special lasagna for the adventurous types who like to try exotic and different fusion recipes... While curry is not frequently found in ingredient lists of lasagna recipes, it is a well known fact that curry combines well with dairy products such as yogurt or cheese, and chicken; so why not combine all these ingredients together in a slightly innovative fusion lasagna?

Ingredients for the chicken curry lasagna (for 4 guests):

* 2 large chicken breasts, cut in thin strips
* No-boil lasagna noodles
* 1 large onion
* curry spice powder
* 1 can of crushed tomatoes (or use fresh if you have at hand)
* 1/2 cup coconut milk
* oil
* Salt and pepper
* Grated swiss cheese


1) Prepare the Curry Bechamel Sauce, using the usual butter, flour, milk then add curry, to your taste (1 teaspoon or more); reserve

2) Saute the chopped onion in the oil, when it starts to become translucent, add the chicken, previously cut into thin strips. When you see that chicken is about half cooked, add the tomatoes and let the sauce reduce a little bit. Add coconut milk and reduce heat. Add salt, pepper, teaspoon curry to the preparation. Normally at this stage you have a fairly smooth mixture on the orange / yellow color side that is very flagrant.

3) Simmer for ten minutes; check that the chicken is done. At this point we are ready to prepare your lasagna like any classic lasagna, alternating layers of tomatoes-chicken preparation and curry bechamel sauce layers; with my deep lasagna pan I make about 2 layers of each. The last layer should be a layer of curry bechamel.

4) Cover the dish with the last layer of white curry sauce, then a layer of grated swiss cheese; bake in the oven at 300 °F for 30 minutes, or until the top has a nice lasagna crust.

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