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A mediterranean Lasagna with Brocciu cheese

Difficulty: Easy
Portions: 8
Preparation: 30 min
Baking time: 30 min
Resting time: 15 min
Total time: 1 hour.

The lasagna with Brocciu is a very complete dish that doesn't require meat to taste great... Brocciu is a corsican specialty goat milk cheese that is similar in taste to ricotta, but one of its special features is that it has no lactose. This lasagna recipe combines a few ingredients from europe for a delicious vegetarian lasagna dish that will be quite different from the usual spinach lasagna...


* 1 lb. (500 g) Corsican Brocciu cheese
* Shredded cheddar cheese
* 2 bunches Swiss chard
* A dozen of lasagna noodles
* 3 eggs
* 2 onions,
* 1 can of peeled tomatoes
* fresh basil leaves
* Salt and pepper
* Olive oil


Preparing the Swiss chard

1) For this recipe, we will need Swiss chard leaves. Wash the chard leaves, dry them and then we proceeed to cooking. Cooking Swiss chard takes about 5 minutes; dip the leaves of chard for 5 minutes in boiling salted water; make sure the leaves are tender. Take them out of the water and drain.

2) If you wish, you can blanch the chard leaves to keep them nice and green. Nicer for presentation. But this step is optional, depending on your motivation is the moment). For the money, simply dip the leaves in a bowl of ice water, take them out then use a paper towel to absorb the remaining water. Chop the Swiss chard leaves and reserve.

Our lasagna's stuffing

3) Now for the filling. Peel onions and slice them. Fry in a pan with a little olive oil. Meanwhile, drain tomatoes and chop them coarsely. When the onions begin to brown, add tomatoes. Cook over low heat for about twenty minutes. Hmm, what a good smell. Remove from heat, add the basil that you have previously cut into small pieces.

4) In a bowl mash the Brocciu with a fork. Add the beaten eggs, the chard mixture and tomatoes / onions. Mix it all. Adjust seasoning as per your taste.

5) Pay attention how you stack up the layers of lasagna... Start by having a layer of lasagna. Then cover with some filling and then with another layer of lasagne. Just repeat this process until all ingredients are used. Finish with a layer of filling. For golden and crisp noodles, sprinkle with grated cheese.

Cooking the brocciu lasagna

6) A bonus advantage of this dish is that it does not need a lot of time to bake. Place your dish in Brocciu lasagna in the oven for 30-40 minutes at 180 degrees. To ensure that the lasagna are cooked, insert a knife in the dish. If the knife cuts through easily, your lasagna is ready!

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